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EasyUACertificateManagementClient Class

OpcLabs.EasyOpcUA Assembly > OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA.Gds Namespace : EasyUACertificateManagementClient Class
A specialized OPC UA client object for certificate management.
Object Model
EasyUACertificateManagementClient ClassIEasyUAClient InterfaceEasyUAClientSelector ClassIEasyUAClient InterfaceIUAReadOnlyModelProvider Interface
Dim instance As EasyUACertificateManagementClient
public ref class EasyUACertificateManagementClient sealed : public OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA.EasyUASpecializedClient, OpcLabs.BaseLib.Licensing.ILicensingContextHolder, OpcLabs.BaseLib.Widgets.ComTypes._Widget, OpcLabs.BaseLib.Widgets.IWidget, OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA.ComTypes._EasyUASpecializedClient, OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA.Gds.ComTypes._EasyUACertificateManagementClient, IEasyUACertificateManagement, IEasyUACertificateManagementClient, OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA.IEasyUASpecializedClient, System.ComponentModel.IComponent, System.ICloneable, System.IDisposable, System.IServiceProvider, System.Runtime.Serialization.ISerializable, System.Xml.Serialization.IXmlSerializable  

In the OPC UA specifications, the functionality covered by this type is described in Part 12: Discovery and Global Services, in the section Certificate Management Overview.


The OPC UA Certificate Management Client is a specialized OPC UA client object providing access to certificate management (CM) information model of an OPC UA Global Discovery Server (GDS). In the OPC UA specifications, the functionality covered by this type is described in Part 12: Discovery and Global Services, in the section Certificate Management Overview.

This specialized client object can be derived from IEasyUAClient Interface using the AsCertificateManagementClient Extension Method, or it can be created standalone as EasyUACertificateManagementClient Component.

This interface contains methods to communicate with the OPC UA Global Discovery Server (GDS) using its information model for certificate management, making the work of assembling the proper OPC UA method parameters and retrieving the results. The methods allow getting certificate groups, requesting key pairs or certificate signing and obtaining the results, retrieving trust lists, and more.

Before deciding to use methods provided by this specialized client, it is recommended that you have a look at the IEasyUAClientApplication service (see OPC UA Client Application Service), available from IServiceProvider.GetService method from the IEasyUAClient interface. The client application service works on higher level, and conveniently combines several methods together to achieve the typically needed functionality related to GDS and certificate management in OPC UA.

Available methods are:

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Target Platforms: .NET Framework: Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016; .NET Core, .NET 5: Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows

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