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Standard Node IDs
Fundamentals > Identifying Information in OPC UA Client-Server > OPC UA Node IDs > Standard Node IDs

QuickOPC-UA provides static classes with standard Node IDs defined by OPC Foundation: UADataTypeIdsUAMethodIdsUAObjectIdsUAObjectTypeIdsUAReferenceTypeIdsUAVariableIds, and UAVariableTypeIds. You can use properties of these static classes to easily specify “well-known” nodes you need to refer to, for example, the “ObjectsFolder” node which is a common starting node for browsing.

There are following classes with standard Node IDs for OPC-UA:

When you need to pass a standard node to any method, simply use the corresponding property from the static class, such as UAObjectIds.ObjectsFolder.

You can use the command-line OpcCmd Utility (installed with QuickOPC, or downloadable separately) to:

See Using OpcCmd Utility for Static OPC UA Operations.

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