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NoMessageSecurity Property

OpcLabs.EasyOpcUA Assembly > OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA.Engine Namespace > UAEndpointSelectionPolicy Class : NoMessageSecurity Property
Endpoint selection policy that allows only connections with no message security.
Public Shared ReadOnly Property NoMessageSecurity As UAEndpointSelectionPolicy
Dim value As UAEndpointSelectionPolicy
value = UAEndpointSelectionPolicy.NoMessageSecurity
public static UAEndpointSelectionPolicy NoMessageSecurity {get;}
static property UAEndpointSelectionPolicy^ NoMessageSecurity {
   UAEndpointSelectionPolicy^ get();

Some connections with no message security can still be secure to some extent, e.g. when the security is provided by the transport (e.g. HTTPS).


Target Platforms: .NET Framework: Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016; .NET Core, .NET 5: Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows

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