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IsolatedParameters Property (EasyUAClient)

OpcLabs.EasyOpcUA Assembly > OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA Namespace > EasyUAClient Class : IsolatedParameters Property
Contains parameters that influence the behavior of the component when it is isolated.
Public Property IsolatedParameters As EasyUAAdaptableParameters
Dim instance As EasyUAClient
Dim value As EasyUAAdaptableParameters
instance.IsolatedParameters = value
value = instance.IsolatedParameters
public EasyUAAdaptableParameters IsolatedParameters {get; set;}
property EasyUAAdaptableParameters^ IsolatedParameters {
   EasyUAAdaptableParameters^ get();
   void set (    EasyUAAdaptableParameters^ value);

Parameters in this property only apply to instances of EasyUAClient that have their Isolated property equal to true.

The initial value can be changed by configuration and can differ from the default.


Target Platforms: .NET Framework: Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016; .NET Core, .NET 5: Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows

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