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IUANodeId Interface Members

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The following tables list the members exposed by IUANodeId.

Public Properties
 PropertyExpanded text of the node Id (also contains the namespace URI).  
 PropertyGUID identifier value (Globally Unique Identifier).  
 PropertyGUID identifier value (Globally Unique Identifier), expressed as a string.  
 PropertyIdentifier value, either numeric, string, GUID, opaque, or none.  
 PropertyDetermines whether the node Id is null.  
 PropertyNamespace index. Can be used to determine the namespace instead of namespace URI. Not recommended.  
 PropertyNamespace URI string. Determines the namespace of the node Id.  
 PropertySelects the type of the node Id.  
 PropertyNumeric identifier value.  
 PropertyOpaque identifier value (in namespace specific format).  
 PropertyA symbolic name of the node if the node Id is for one of the standard nodes. Empty otherwise.  
 PropertyString identifier value.  
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