QuickOPC User's Guide and Reference

Are you having difficulties incorporating the OPC data into your solution? Need to do it quickly and in quality? If so, QuickOPC comes to the rescue.

QuickOPC is a radically new approach to access OPC data. Traditionally, OPC programming required complicated code, no matter whether you use OPC custom or automation interfaces, or OPC Foundation SDKs. In OPC “Classic” world (COM/DCOM based), OPC Server objects must be instantiated, OPC Group objects must be created and manipulated, OPC Items must be added and managed properly, and subscriptions must be established and maintained. Other hurdles exist in OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA), such as proper server endpoint discovery, security policy negotiation, etc. Too many lines of error-prone code must be written to achieve a simple goal – reading or writing a value, or subscribing to value changes.

QuickOPC is a set of components that simplify the task of integrating OPC into applications. Reading a value from an OPC server, writing a data value, or subscribing to data changes can be achieved in just one or two lines of code! Receiving alarms from OPC Alarms and Events server is also easy.






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